a Bard Concert Venue

Primal Data Center
Hyperion - Goblet - Ward 30 - Plot 13

Open on Mondays
6:30 PM EST to 11:00 PM EST


Our Bard lineup for Classic Rock Night on Monday, May 20th


Noala Notes
6:30 PM - 7:00 PM EST


The Stray Meownstrels
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST


The Delicats
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM EST


9:00 PM - 10:00 PM EST


Darling Charley
10:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST



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Archer's Den is a bard concert venue located on Primal - Hyperion at The Goblet - Ward 30 - Plot 13


Founded by Cate Archer in April 2022, Archer's Den is a chill SFW hangout for bards and their adoring fans. When open, the Den will have multiple live bard performances with a broad variety of music. We also do at least TEN prize giveaways at each show.At Archer's Den, we encourage everyone to cheer, dance, launch fireworks, pop the champagne, and just let loose. Indeed, silliness is quite welcome here!That being said, if you just wish to sit back and enjoy the music, you are more than welcome to do so! Indeed, we have plenty of comfortable chairs to relax on.While Role Players are welcome at Archer's Den, it's not a big emphasis at our venue. Also please be advised that Archer's Den is a NON-ERP venue. Any sexual chat should be kept PRIVATE. Violators will be asked to leave.Please note that Archer's Den is a minion friendly establishment, unless we appear to be close to reaching capacity. If this does happen, we'll kindly ask you to put your minions away. And please keep your weapons hidden at all times.Cate and the staff hope you enjoy your time at Archer's Den!



Cate Archer, Venue OwnerCate Archer is a very vocal and animated supporter of bards. With her distinctive cheer, chances are you've at least "heard" Cate if you've been to a popular bard venueShe has also been known to assume many different forms, but is usually either a lalafell or miqo.Cate always wanted a place where people could go to listen to bards and feel free to let absolutely loose. And thus Archer's Den was born.

Smol Snacc, In-house Bard

Name: SmolOccupation : Leader of the Snacc Pacc Bard BandAge: 32209 / F - Moon Miqo / GridaniaShortest Height Miqo, to go along with her Smol Snacc lore. Loves snaccs and being silly.Favorite Instrument is the Celo and Lute - a nice deep tone. But still enjoys other instruments~Likes changing snacc flavors (Races) --- loves changing through glams, and hairstyles throughout the day.

Quiet Cosmos, In-house Bard

Drawn into the venue scene by the loud cheers and enchanting music drifting across the beach, Quiet Cosmos literally stumbled into the barding scene. A woman of few words, she lets her harp do the talking for her.Now the lead member of the bard band Garden of Stars, Quiet's band usually plays songs from video game OSTs near and dear to her heart, with a few surprises sprinkled in.

Dailash Noala, In-house Bard and Venue Designer

Dailash Noala, lead band member of Noala Notes, likes to mix it up a bit with 80's music to current and sometimes a peek back further. She will occasionally throw in a TV/movie theme to see if you can guess what it is! So basically a mish-mash of everything.Dailash enjoys a good bard show and looks forward to seeing and performing more with her fellow bards.

Atrus and Twinklet, In-House Bards (duet)

Everyone's favorite husband and wife bard duo

Skynyrd Fraefolgwyn, In-House Bard

Skynyrd Fraefolgwyn is the leader of the bard band Voidsent. The band specializes in rock music and are based out of Goblin on Crystal.

Saloben, Backup Dancer

Saloben and his Chickens can be seen dancing on magical floating platforms behind the stage. Just don't get too close to them. They can be quite explosive at times!

Katie Wolf, Backup dancerKatie occupies the barrel opposite of Cate at the Den! She is well known for her dance moves!


All photos from July 11 2022 onwards will now be uploaded on our discord. Join to see the latest pictures :)

Photos from the Grand Opening on April 4th, 2022.

Photos from Concert on April 10th

Photos from Concert on May 2nd

Photos from the grand opening of our new beachfront venue on May June 13 2022

Photos from June 20th show

Photos from our special event, Bards on Boat, July 3rd 2022


$$ 50/50 RAFFLE $$

We will be conducting a 50/50 raffle at each show. A raffle ticket/entry will cost 100k gil and you can buy a maximum of TWENTY tickets. The drawing to select the winner will occur at the end of the show.You do not have to be physically present, at the time of the drawing, to win. We will post the name of the winner on the discord.If you do win the raffle, you have until the start of our next show to claim you prize or you forfeit it. It is not our responsibility to track you down. So if you're gonna enter the raffle and leave early, join the discord!The way a 50/50 raffle works is you buy a ticket for a chance to win 50% of the total pot.So for example, let's say 20 people each buy a ticket for 100k gil. The total pot is then 2 million gil.So, if you win the drawing, you'd win 1 million or half the pot. So basically you'd get your 100k (ticket cost) back and win 900k. And obviously the more people that play and more tickets bought, the bigger the pot!Please note that we guarantee a minimum winner's pot of 5 million gil, even if we don't sell enough tickets to cover the cost. If this happens, Archer's Den will make up the cost difference, out of our owns pockets, to get the winner's pot to 5 million.Cate's old bowling league used to do a weekly 50/50 raffle and it was a big hit. So she thought it would be fun to try out here! Buying a ticket is also a GREAT way to help support Archer's Den! :)

DISCLAIMERS1. Everyone is eligible to buy up to twenty tickets or entries EXCEPT for Cate Archer.2. We WILL keep track of how many tickets/entries you have. You will not get a physical ticket(s) in return3. You may buy tickets for friends AS LONG as the friend(s) is in Archer's Den. If your friend wins the drawing, only he or she may claim the prize. You cannot claim it for him or her.4. The drawing will be conducted by Cate Archer at the end of each show. The winner of the drawing and time stamp will be posted on the discord after the show is concluded.5. If you win the raffle and don't claim your prize before next week's show starts, you forfeit the prize.


Random Roll Prizes

There will be NINE random roll prize giveaways for our show on Monday, May 20thThe prizes are the following:A Bacon Bits minion
An Alkonost Whistle (mount)
A Clionid Larva minion
An Ancient One minion
A Hades Barding
A Drippy minion
A Giant Leaf Parasol
An Eldthurs Horn (mount)
A Chimpanzee minion
EVERYONE can roll for these prizes except Cate Archer.
Plus, if anyone rolls a 0, 777, or 999 for any prize giveaway, he or she will get a chance to spin our minion prize wheel and possibly win a Drippy or Shiromaru minion!
Dailash Noala WILL roll for bards currently performing on stage. These giveaways will happen at random times during the event.-------------------------------------------------------------------------


We will be giving away FIVE PRIZES on Discord for our
show on Monday, May 20th
The prizes are the following:An Island Peerifool Whistle (mount)
A Wind-up Barbariccia minion
A Queen's Guard Barding
A Shiromaru minion
A Construct VI-S Core (mount)
To enter the giveaways, join our discord, go to #prize-giveaways, and click on the party horn button for each giveaway you'd like to enter.The giveaways will occur at different times during the show. You must be present at the venue to win a prize giveaway.To join our discord, simply click the "Join Discord" button below.



These groups have all previously performed at Archer's Den. Click on their photos below for more info about these fantastic groups and how to book them for your events or venue! And, if links are broken, just send Cate Archer a tell in Discord, and she'll let you know how to contact the group(s)!


The Wiggles

Toki's Toys

Lil Rascals

No Holds Bard

The Sex Cymbals

The Beastles

Black Rose

Tom Nommy & the Foestrikers

The Omni

The Ryoka Sisters

Wok This Way

Whiska and Misaki of the Wandering Bole

The Ringos

Darling Charley

Dark Matter

Femme Fatale

The Awesomi's

C'Lynn & The Ridiculously Noisy Bards

The Golden Vibes

Midnight Sky

Skap & The Pack

Broken [W]ings

Oni X

Paw's Paws

Porfyra + Neon insomnia


Midnight Ceruleum


THE Highlander Misfits

The Kiwis

Sundered Sisters

The Rosalines

Mevari and The Archons

Zune Tunes

No-Name Nomads


The Sappy Bards

The Drama Club


Purrfect Hairum

Cade N Kids

Melodi & The Muses


The Hissy Fits

The Stray Meownstrels

The Tater Toots

Raevyn & the Miqo'tones

Happy Tunes


Static Reflection

Wind-up Nostalgia

Frentis and the Ragehorns

The Snowbirds

The Delicats

Twilight Moon

The DonoCellos

Kibo Seraphim

Gorilla Fist

Gridania Bridge Cats

Traveling Strings

Moogle Troupe

Gaenen's World

Wets Paws

Sound Hound

Daughters of Etheirys

The Cat's Pajamas

Kivotos Student Orchestra



Bards of Light


Midnyght Morning

The Darkclouds




Fireworks and party favors such as heavenscrackers can be purchased from our retainer, LaLa Cate Archer, standing by the door in front of the venue for a 'reasonable' price.Just please don't light any matches when in close proximity to LaLa Cate!

Primal Data Center
**Hyperion - Goblet - Ward 30 - Plot 13
Open on Mondays from 6:30PM EST to 11:30PM EST


Our Active Venue Partners


Otterly Amazing Cafe

Welcome to the Otterly Amazing Cafe! A relaxing, chill, Odder Otter themed cafe. Come sit back and enjoy our selection of teas, coffees, pastries, and atmosphere.Take a break from the adventuring life with us, meet new friends, and share in our love for music with our open stage!We offer indoor and outdoor garden seating for those that wish to take their drinks and food outside to enjoy on nice days!Primal - Leviathan - Lavender Beds - Ward 18 Plot 32Open Sundays 8 PM - 12 AM EST

The Spoony Bard & Grill

Enjoy a nice meal while listening to some live music or just kick back and relax after a long day of work. We hope you enjoy your stay at the Spoony Bard and GrillUltros - Empyreum - Ward 15 - Plot 12Open on Fridays 8 PM -11 PM EST

The Reverie Jazz Club

A unique venue experience for the discerning, and the wanderer.Reverie is an 18+ FFXIV Role Player-friendly venue designed to provide an immersive and complete experience for those seeking to slow down, put their feet up over a few drinks, meet people and enjoy good company over a fine selection of music.Primal ○ Famfrit ○ Empyreum ○ Ward 20 ○ Plot 12Open on Wednesdays 11 PM - 2 AM EST

Huckleberry Saloon

DIABOLOS | GOBLET | WARD 11 | PLOT 19TUESDAYS 8:00PM - 12:00 AM CST (9-1 EST)The Huckleberry Saloon is open on Tuesdays from 9:30pm - 12am EST (with extended hours if people are around and having fun).We're an after hours booze and gambling den run out of Doc Laladay's basement and we hope you'll pop in to stay a spell. Listen to the bard, have a drink or two served up by a beautiful barmaid, or test your luck in a game of Shootout, Poker, or traditional Deathroll. Make some new friends or hang out with
old ones.
We like it casual and relaxed around here. Whether you're here until closing or just passing through, we hope you enjoy your visit!

The Cloaked Cork

Aether | Siren | Lavender Beds
Ward 26 - Plot 17

Open every other Saturday from 8:00PM -11:00PM EST
Weekly scheduled bard performances

Gilded Coeurl

Every adventurer deserves quality downtime. Relax and enjoy the chill vibes at Gilded Coeurl, a Hrothgar and Roegadyn haven now open to everyone 18+. Come hang out between quests for as long as you like in a low-pressure social space. You can even AFK here, we won’t tell anyone.
The Gilded Coeurl is a mature/adult establishment where we want all our visitors to feel welcome. Please read our guidelines so we can keep the vibes chill for all.
(tl;dr: 18+ only, no public ERP, don’t be a jerk.)
Open on Fridays 3pm - 5pm PST / 22:00 - 00:00 GMTBEHEMOTH, EMPYREUM, W02 P30
Special events: Satudays (check Discord for openings)

Whisperleaf Record Co

Crystal - Balmung - Mist - Ward 25 - Plot 3
Whisperleaf Record Co. is also a Venue!
Join us every Saturday night from 7pm to 10pm CST for open mic night!

Whiskey Business

𝐵𝒶𝓀𝑒𝓇𝓎 & 𝒞𝒶𝒷𝒶𝓇𝑒𝓉
Primal | Famfrit | Mist | Ward 25 | Plot 52
Every other Wednesday at 7pm-10pm est

House of Seoul

The House of Seoul offers chill vibes, live music all the time, an open stage for anyone to jump up and show their skill, and a bar stocked with food and beverages. Dance the night away or soak in the Oasis.Open Sundays 9PM EST to 1AM EST

Munchy Moogle Cafe

The cafe has a wide selection of food and drinks as well as an open stage for bards. Moogle attire is welcomed but not mandatory! For updates on our cafe please join our discord.Open Tuesdays 5PM -7PM EST

Coyote Coffee

Primal | Lamia | Goblet | W14 | P41
Every Thurs & Biweekly Wed
6pm-9pm CST
Primal | Behemoth | Lavender Beds | W16 | Plot 3
Welcome to Coyote Coffee, Lamia’s rad hangout spot on the outskirts of Goblet! ☕️🏔️ If you're all about that chill vibe and crave top-notch coffee, warm pastries, and killer live music, then you've hit the jackpot. 🎰
We rock an open stage, tons of plants & gorgeous mountain views. 🏞️ Come check out our vibrant interior design while you sip & relax in our cozy seating with your squad!
🌈✨ Whether you're a RPer or prefer to simply enjoy the ambiance, everyone is welcome here. Catch us in action every Thursday and alternating Wednesday— your weekday plans just got sorted. 😉



VIDEOSVideo clips from shows at our venues


First show at our special events Goblet venue on January 30th 2023. 90s Night!

Tribute to Jason David Frank, the original Green Ranger, at Archer's Den on 11/21/22. Performed by Rose of Metal

Our Pirate Night rooftop show on 3/13/23 !

Lalafell Frenzy event on June 18th, 2023 ! Streamed by Happy Tunes

Clips from our EDM Night show! Aug 7th, 2023